“When I grow up, I want to become a doctor or maybe a teacher. I think I may opt to become a teacher so that more girls can learn.” – Hila, a first grade student, Nangahar, Afghanistan

Cuts to aid impact real lives, like Hila’s.

Australian Aid funds Act For Peace, which runs a Girls’ Education Program in Afghanistan. In 2015-16, Australia’s aid to Afghanistan will drop by $52 million, putting the future of programs such as this at risk, making Hila’s dream even less likely to ever become a reality.

$1 billion has been cut in one year – the biggest cut to Australian aid ever.

The Budget for 2015-16 announced on 12 May 2015 contains a reduction in Australia’s overseas aid of $1 billion (from $5.03 billion to $4.05 billion) from 2014-15 to 2015-16. With an overall cut of this size, the aid program contains few winners.

Overall government spending is increasing by 1% in 2015/16, while aid spending falls by over 20%. This is not fair!

This month we write to our local MPs to call for a rebuilding of Australian Aid.

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