Raise your voice for the Global Fund during Election 2016

Global poverty and health issues are not major election issues, but we can still shine a light on them.

Global issues like extreme poverty and global health aren’t generally high priority topics for discussion in the lead up to an election. This is understandable, as our political representatives like to be seen doing things for their constituents. They would be very wary of making large cuts to education or health funding as virtually everyone in Australia at some point will send their child to school or need to go to a hospital, and voters intuitively see these as things governments ‘should’ fund. Thus they, more than global issues, are hot topics during elections.

The May 3 Federal Budget made cuts to Australia’s aid program for the fourth consecutive year. The 2016-17 aid budget was cut by $224 million and makes aid the least generous ever: 0.23% of Gross National Income, well below the OECD average of 0.3%.

But we are committed to ensuring Australia plays an effective role in combating poverty, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and ensuring healthy lives for everyone. So we will use the election period as a platform to raise our voices and ask our candidates to commit to playing their part in achieving this vision. READ MORE…