Adapted from post by Angela Pereira originally on the ACTION blog

ACTION recently took a delegation of journalists to Indonesia to learn how the country is harnessing global support to transform their immunisation system. Check out the photo slideshow below, providing a glimpse of what we learned!

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, has supported Indonesia’s efforts to reach every child with vaccines, but the moment for the world to support Gavi is rapidly approaching. On January 27, Gavi will look to raise $7.5 billion in new commitments from donors like the United States, France and Australia. What will they use it for? To support countries like Indonesia to vaccinate 300 million children by 2020, preventing 5 to 6 million deaths.

But this US$7.5 billion figure is likely to be the highest level of funding Gavi will need. While donor governments will contribute pledges to Gavi, countries that receive support must match a portion of costs. As a country’s economy grows, so too does its share. Indonesia is one of 20 countries already on the path to ‘graduation’ from Gavi support.

Join ACTION and RESULTS in working to ensure Gavi raises the funding it needs to accelerate its progress from 2016-2020.  Curious how Australia is already performing on its current contributions and pledges to Gavi? Check out our “Donor Immunization Record“.

To ensure Gavi is fully funded to save an estimated 5 – 6 million lives by 2020, RESULTS Australia is calling on our government to pledge at least $100 million per year.