Dear Minister, We write to call on the Australian Government to provide continued strong financial support to Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance. Continued Australian investment would ensure that Gavi can provide millions of life-saving vaccines to the poorest countries of the world, and fight the preventable diseases that kill millions of children…” From over 100 Parliamentarians who signed the letter delivered to Minister of Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop


  • It can cost as little as 12 cents to prevent death, illness and disability by vaccinating a child.
  • But still each year 1.5 million children die from vaccine-preventable diseases, and 22 million are un-immunised.
  • Gavi the Vaccine Alliance has immunised half a billion more children since 2000.
  • Gavi aims to vaccinate 300 million more and help countries build long-term immunisation capacity.
  • We call on Australia to invest no less than AU $100 million per year into Gavi on 27 January.
  • This investment in the health of children is an investment in our future and supported by 100 parliamentarians.

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