Offspring should be Off Limits

By Leila Stennett Published by the Huffington Post on January 24, 2017

Regardless of your political leanings anytime a woman gets a top job it’s cause for celebration in my book. Yesterday Gladys Berejiklian was made the Premier of NSW uncontested, having served as Mike Baird’s Deputy for 6 years.

It wasn’t a hostile takeover or a leadership spill. It was a political succession the way they used to be done, with dignity and without bloodshed. Berejiklian isn’t a newcomer to NSW politics, she’s been working hard for over a decade for the people of NSW. She wasn’t an unknown quantity to the media who gathered for her press conference announcing her confirmation as NSW Premier yesterday.

Yet within the hour she was asked about her marital status and the fact she doesn’t have children.

If anyone wondered why millions of women around the globe marched on the weekend at Women’s Marches that question is your answer. Women are still treated very differently to men in our society and that needs to change.

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