Make a monthly donation

A regular monthly gift helps RESULTS plan ahead and put the most effective projects in place, knowing that we have a stable and predictable funding base.

A small amount equal to a cup of coffee a week invested in our work by ten supporters will fund one staff member for nearly a year of working with our volunteers and making a concerted approach to key politicians.

For every ten supporters who support us:

  • $20 a month will fund Action Call costs for six months
  • $50 a month will get a new campaign researched, planned and underway
  • $250 a Month will fund half a staff member for a year
  • $1000 per month will fund a full campaign for a year and ensure two visits for staff to meet with Parliamentarians (MP’s) and help volunteers to meet and persuade their MP’s to take action

To make a regular donation click here.

Please give what you can and accept our heartfelt thanks for supporting our voices and our vision of a world without poverty.

RESULTS International (Australia) is a registered charitable organisation but, at this time, donations are not tax deductible. ABN 75 309 770 578



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