RESULTS Hobart run an annual quiz night, raising funds and advocating for the end of poverty at the same time. We run through the lessons learnt from such a successful event…

The RESULTS Hobart group recently hosted a quiz night, which attracted  100 attendees and raised $3700 for RESULTS Australia. This isn’t a rare event for the group. They’ve regularly hosted some excellent fundraisers to support RESULTS. In the process, the group have been able to tap into some core advocacy skills, like networking and community building. Not only have they contributed to work that aims to end poverty on the international level, they’ve also provided a platform for local community members to come together, talk to one another, and build an understanding of the common values that have brought them all together.

We’ve been getting quite a few questions about how they did it, and tricks on how to host similar events, so we thought we’d write up some quick tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your event!



Recently at RESULTS, we asked our volunteers to make a submission to DFAT’s foreign policy white paper taskforce – the first in 13 years! By the submission deadline, 72 people had made their submissions. We were blown away, and were especially impressed by the hope, passion, and insight that had been brought to an otherwise largely bureaucratic process.

What we really took out of this as an organisation was the power of voices and stories – what set our advocates apart was the personal touch they had put into their submissions.

To build on this, and leverage a vital advocacy and leadership skill, the RESULTS Hobart group leader, Lindsey Little, stood up the front of the room and told her story of self. It’s a story she’s been working since our February action. The aim was to reveal a little about herself and what has brought her to anti-poverty advocacy, as well as inviting others to join her.

Lindsey achieved two great things by doing this: 

  1. She was able to hold the attention of the whole room – this was helped by also telling quiz-goers that answers to the next set of questions would be revealed in her story!
  2. She connected to her audience emotionally, drawing them into her story to reflect on their own values and see themselves as part of the ‘us’ who need to take action.



  • The group has been holding their annual quiz night for about 5 or 6 years now, and have built a solid following – an audience of people they have relationships with that keep coming back for more knowing they will have a great time. When you are onto something good, keep doing it!
  • The group had many sources of income besides ticket sales – an auction of donated goods, the chance to ‘buy’ a limited number of answers, a table of goods for sale, a raffle (with buckets and tickets on each table for easy selling), and food/drinks for sale. Many of these had been donated by local businesses the group has built relationships with, so be sure to ask around and in return, promote the business on the night.
  • The ticket price included entry into games like Heads and Tails, Who Am I? and a paper aeroplane flying competition that each had small prizes. A prize was  also given for the best team name. These activities added variety to the night and make it super fun.
  • The hall was decorated with RESULTS colours – balloons, streamers and RESULTS banner to keep the goal of the night in mind. Flyers about upcoming events and information about the group’s next meeting were placed on each table.
  • Members and supporters of the group added home-made touches, with home-made hot chocolate and muffins for sale. Don’t underestimate the power of this – it shows that people care about your group enough to spend a few hours in the kitchen making something delicious!


RESULTS Hobart clearly ran an excellent event, CONGRATULATIONS!

If you want to find out more about how to run a fundraiser, or to talk ideas/support, feel free to get in contact with us at info@results.org.au or visit our fundraising pages.