Photo: The Global Fund

Number four of our five reasons to invest in the Global Fund is the potential for long-term health gains beyond AIDS, TB and Malaria.

For countries to achieve sustainable improvements in health for their citizens, investments will need to come increasingly from domestic funds. Particularly during the current funding cycle (2014-2016), the Global Fund has sought to stimulate partner countries’ own contributions to their health systems – and these expectations have been met, and exceeded. Domestic finance commitments have increased by US$5.9 billion, in part thanks to the co-financing requirements of the Global Fund. During the next replenishment period, partner-country investments are expected to increase to $41b, or more than three times the Global Fund’s own contribution.

In May this year, the Global Fund launched wambo.org, a ‘global health marketplace’ that helps Global Fund partner countries more efficiently procure high-quality medications and other commodities (such as laboratory equipment and bed-nets) at competitive prices. By pooling the demand of many individual buyers, wambo.org will improve the quality of goods for purchasing countries and lower the prices at which they are available, as well as allowing countries to more easily access new products. This will be especially useful as many middle-income countries begin to transition out of Global Fund support and begin to develop their own supply chains.