Lifting Australia’s Response to Tuberculosis

Image: Global Fund 

Around 2 million people die from tuberculosis (TB) each year globally, despite it being a curable disease in most cases.

Approximately half of the deaths caused by TB occur in high burden countries in the Asia-Pacific.

Australia needs to increase its support.

The Global Fund to Fight Aids, TB and Malaria has been the major initiative in reducing deaths in recent years. While Australia has supported the Global Fund, our per capita pledge is well behind other comparable donor countries.

Doubling Australia’s aid to the Global Fund would see it make a much more significant contribution in helping save those 2 million lives.

Write a letter to your local MP and/or the editor noting your concern at Australia’s current level of donation.

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Write a letter to your member of the House of Representatives or a Senator in your State, noting your concern about the continued impact of TB, including the deaths of 2 million people each year.

Write a letter to the editor, noting your concern about the impact of TB, and calling on the Australian Government to increase its contribution to the Global Fund to $100 million in 2010-11. [Note: March 24 is also World TB day]


Fact & Action Sheet- February 2010