“I dream of my daughter growing up in a world free from TB.” 

TB survivor and advocate for the blind Louie Zepeda is a living example of why Australian Aid is worth saving.

Last month, RESULTS staff and volunteers like you made an important step towards achieving Louie’s dream by helping save $30 million of funding for medical research into TB and malaria. Thank you!

We need another big effort to save Australian Aid as it is still under a large threat.

In just over two weeks, Treasurer Joe Hockey is expected to announce that aid spending will be cut by a further $1 billion as part of the 2015/16 Federal Budget. This would increase overall aid cuts that already total $11.3 billion since September 2013.

Let’s make the government think again. 

Australia has the 6th lowest level of debt amongst OECD countries-but for relative aid giving we are nearly in the bottom half, ranking 15th out of 29. We have the ability to greatly improve this.

If the projected cuts go ahead, it will be a huge blow to many crucial projects across the globe.

It’s not long now until the budget is announced, but there’s still time for us to make a difference. Write a letter to the Editor calling on Joe Hockey to reverse cuts to Australian aid and in the process help the lives of millions.

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