Join an Intro Call

We host an Intro Call on the second Wednesday of every month.

To join the Intro Call…
Dial the number for your nearest city, then enter Conference ID 707690#

Adelaide 7070 0600
Brisbane 3177 2900
Canberra 6171 0500
Darwin 7999 7500
Gold Coast 5699 8600

Hobart 6111 0700
Launceston 6388 8200 
Melbourne 9999 5000
Perth 6555 0600
Sydney 8999 0900


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Everyday people advocating in extraordinary ways for the end of poverty. That’s RESULTS.

Register for one of our Intro Calls to find out more about what we do, how we do it and why we need you!

Intro Calls are a great opportunity to connect with other potential or new volunteers, ask questions, and get to know RESULTS better.

Want to join an Intro Call? RSVP here and we will send you instructions for how to join the next call.

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