Angie (far right) with RESULTS and ACTION friends at the AIDS march

is the 20th International AIDS Conference and will be held in Melbourne from July 20-25, 2014. For the first time it will feature a dedicated hub for discussing the deadly duo of TB-HIV. Despite TB’s status as the leading killer of people with HIV, responses to these two diseases are often disconnected, and collaboration on HIV and TB programs is weak in many places.

The TB/HIV Networking Zone at AIDS 2014 will provide a space for HIV and TB communities – researchers, affected communities, advocates, policy makers, donors, and more – to come together and chart a way forward for addressing these deadly diseases together.

We interviewed RESULTS Hobart Group Leader Angie about her experience at AIDS2012 and encourage all RESULTS advocates to consider joining in the activities at AIDS2014’s Global Village following our National Conference.

1. What did you enjoy most about AIDS2012?
Being in Washington for AIDS2012 was an incredible experience. The Global Village was amazing and listening to such a variety of plenary speakers streamed live from the conference was a huge privilege. My favourite part was the AIDS march where thousands of people marched from the four corners of Washington to meet for a massive rally outside the White House! Incredible. And RESULTS marched with ACTION right up the front from our corner. Unbelievable!!

2. Describe your experience in 3 words.
Inspirational. Enriching. Regenerative.

3. Why do you think RESULTS advocates should join in with AIDS2014?
We need to learn from past mistakes with Malaria and TB that just because we ‘cure’ or ‘eradicate’ these diseases in our own country, it doesn’t mean they are gone forever. We need to continue the fight for all three of these diseases, to get the best possible drugs and equipment to the wealthy and impoverished alike in all countries, and to eradicate AIDS, TB and Malaria across the world. WE ARE THAT GENERATION!! And if that fact ignites some passion in you to help fight this cause, AIDS2014 will inspire you beyond measure. Don’t just think about it. DO IT!!!

4. What made your AIDS2012 experience unique? What did you get out of it that you couldn’t get anywhere else?
I feel incredibly privileged that as a member of RESULTS working with the amazing advocates from ACTION, I was part of a movement that brought awareness to people from all over the world about TB and its relationship to HIV. There were so many people at the conference who wandered through the Global Village and almost fell over backwards when ACTION advocates would share this knowledge. The educative experience on a personal level was huge and bringing that awareness to others both in Washington and back home to Australia was life changing.

Don’t forget to register for the RESULTS National Conference – and if you’re keen to stay on and join in the activities at the TB-HIV Networking Zone at the AIDS2014 Global Village, please contact info@results.org.au