Photo: Gavi

28 January 2015


In an historic moment overnight, Gavi the Vaccine Alliance has received donor commitments totaling US$7.5 billion to deliver life saving vaccines to 300 million children in some of the poorest countries over the next five years. The majority of donor countries significantly increased their commitment whilst Australian support was maintained at its previous level of AU$250 million, a likely product of recent aid cuts.

Gavi is a global partnership which since 2000 has immunised half a billion children and saved an estimated seven million lives.

“In the current context of a significantly reduced Australian aid budget, it is a welcome relief that Australia’s pledge escaped a cut. We are delighted that global funding is secured, and Gavi now has the potential to reach 300 million more children, preventing six million deaths from diseases like measles, pneumonia, diarrhoea and polio,” CEO of RESULTS, Ms Maree Nutt, said.

“We are also pleased to note that there was significant support from the private sector and developing country donors who demonstrated full confidence in Gavi as a smart economic investment,” continued Ms Nutt.

Since 2000, Gavi has negotiated lower vaccine prices, improved health systems and helped countries build long-term capacity to pay for and deliver vaccines themselves.

“Australian researchers who developed the HPV and rotavirus vaccines that Gavi distributes will be thrilled that their life saving vaccines will reach more children in need”, Ms Nutt said.

“Of course the world is also eagerly awaiting the development of an Ebola vaccine, that Gavi has committed to distribute. We hope that then, too, Australia will take its place and grasp the moment,” Ms Nutt continued.



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