Having new and returning MPs stand up for the poor


  1. The Coalition has announced a $4.5 billion reduction in aid spending over the next 4 years.
  2. This is effective immediately and could result in deferring or cancelling payments in this financial year.
  3. Australia’s contributions to the Global Fund and GAVI Alliance are potentially under threat.

We have an enormous challenge, but also an enormous opportunity, to have an impact.


Write to your local Member of the House of Representatives:

  • Congratulate them on their election or re-election to office.
  • Ask: What are the most important actions to reduce global poverty?
  • Ask: What is Australia’s role in contributing to poverty reduction?
  • Ask: Are they are willing to at least ensure that Australia’s aid is maintained at 0.37% of GNI on average in the current parliamentary term, towards reaching the goal of 0.5% GNI?
  • Indicate that you look forward to having a dialogue with them on these issues, including meeting with them in the near future.


Fact & Action Sheet – September 2013

Podcast – Fact & Action Call

 Ben Thurley, Political Engagement Coordinator, Micah Challenge

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