Picture: Timothy Allen

Who should Australia be in the world?
What is our role as a nation in ending extreme poverty and creating a safer, healthier world for everyone? They’re questions we all have the opportunity to answer this month as we make public submissions to shape the Foreign Affairs White Paper.

How do I write a submission?

We strongly urge you to write your own submission, in your own words, and submit it as an attachment by email to whitepaper@dfat.gov.au before February 28. Please also send a copy to info@results.org.au

  • Anyone can make a submission, and it can be any length.
  • You don’t have to be an expert – your opinion matters.
  • Maintain respectful, professional, non-partisan tone and language.
  • Include an introduction of yourself – why are you making a submission?
  • As a starting point, identify your core values and suggest which should underlie Australia’s foreign policy – for inspiration see corevalueslist.com
  • You can find some more specific ideas in our White Paper Compendium.

If you lack the time or confidence to write your own submissionuse the Up To Us survey tool by hitting the START NOW button below to build and submit your submission before February 27. Submissions made using this tool will be collated and submitted to DFAT in-person by the Campaign for Australian Aid – so they need to be in a little earlier.

What else can I do?

  • Write an opinion piece or letter to the editor about your submission.
  • Post a segment of your submission on social media, tagging your MP and the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Use the hashtags #FPWhitePaper and #UpToUs – you could even include a photo of yourself holding your submission, or a video of yourself reading a section.

Where can I get more information?
Check out the “Tools and Resources” box on the right of this page throughout the month.