2 December 2014

Aid advocacy organisation, RESULTS International Australia is urging Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to stand firm against any Cabinet threats to further cut the aid program which could jeopardise upcoming commitments to life saving programs like Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

Australia is currently a top ten donor to Gavi which has immunised a quarter of a billion children in the Asia Pacific region alone since 2000. Vaccines against childhood killers like Pneumonia, rotavirus diarrhoea, measles and whooping cough are arguably some of the best value for money in international aid programming.

Only last week the governments of both the UK and Canada made strong pledges to Gavi of one billion pounds and half a billion dollars respectively. These advance commitments will go towards the $7.5 billion Gavi will seek from donors including Australia at its pledging conference being held in Germany next January. With this funding Gavi plans to immunise a further 300 million children by 2020.

“ Successive governments have been increasingly strong supporters of Gavi and Julie Bishop has championed Gavi’s ability to deliver Australian aid funding in a highly effective way” said Maree Nutt CEO of RESULTS.

“However if there is any more pressure on the aid program, Australia could well struggle to stay a top ten donor to Gavi with a strong voice in directing much needed funding to our region.” Ms Nutt continued.

In the last 5 years, aid funding of $250 million has been directed to Gavi. RESULTS is calling on Minister Bishop to double this commitment at the pledging conference next year.


Maree Nutt

CEO RESULTS International (Australia)

m: 0404 808 849 –  e: maree.nutt@results.org.au

photo credit: Shawn Clackett, Pacific Friends