Ruby Richardson | The Sunday Age | 14 May 2017

Make up your mind, Mr Turnbull. Do you want to stop the boats or not? Because taking even more money away from our already pathetic foreign aid budget won’t help. Closing your eyes won’t make the humanitarian crises across the world go away. And the worse the crises get, the more people who will come here seeking asylum from the warfare, the famine, the hell of their homes. So if you really want to “stop the boats” then use our money to help stem the humanitarian issues at the root. Poverty increases incidents of conflict, and living in warfare increases the poverty experienced in the area. Feeling unsafe and being unable to access medical supplies, food and clean water causes people to flee for safer shores. So if you want to stop the boats, stop people needing to flee. Don’t just put more security guards at the shores!


Ruby Richardson

Kensington (VIC)