What do you think?

We’re doing a lot of planning for 2016 at the moment, and it’s shaping up to be an awesome year! Not only is it our 30th birthday, but we’re looking at ways to make your experience as a volunteer even better. So we’d love to hear your thoughts in this short, 8 question survey.

Thanks, welcome, and farewell!

Thanks to Tom in Adelaide and Em in Melbourne Hills for your service as Group Leaders. Tom was instrumental in getting RESULTS Adelaide started up in April this year, and Em has been Group Leader of Melbourne Hills for 10 years or more! Luckily for us they’re both staying on in their groups, but we’re bidding farewell to Sydney City’s Julie, who is heading off overseas to volunteer. Good luck Julie! We’re very lucky to welcome 3 new Group Leaders – Linley in Adelaide, Jordan in Melbourne Hills, and Michelle in Sydney City. Thank you for stepping up to this vital leadership position!

Team RESULTS running in the City2Sea

Don’t forget our Melbourne Hills group are raising money for RESULTS by running the The City2Sea. You can join the team, or donate online, by visiting the team’s EverydayHero page.

Yet another op-ed success!

Our superstar advocate and author Lindsey Little was surprised to hear her op-ed was published during Anti-Poverty Week, after hearing no more back from the newspaper than “thanks Lindsey”. We weren’t surprised though, we knew she could do it! Lindsey’s personal and moving piece featured alongside op-eds by prominent executive-level leaders from Tasmania’s social service sector – who says passionate, committed, everyday people can’t have their voices heard? Well done Lindsey, and I can’t wait to see who has an op-ed published next! Could it be you?

What’s been inspiring me this month?

My super-awesome new (ish…she’s been on board since August!) team member Anna! If you don’t know Anna yet, jump on our monthly Fact & Action Call and you’ll get to hear her voice. With a background in adult education, Anna has some great ideas for making your experience as an advocate even more empowering and enjoyable. It’s also been inspiring hearing about the Campaign for Australian Aid community forums, and how many of our own advocates have been thoroughly impressed and inspired into action by these. You can see a list of upcoming events, many featuring RESULTS member d’Arcy Lunn, on the Campaign’s Facebook page. And for a bit of fun…check out the Global Goals Alliance, where you can make yourself into a superhero working towards your favourite goal.

What’s been inspiring you this month? I’d love to know! Email me at info@results.org.au

Have a great day,