We can’t wait to welcome our newest group, RESULTS Perth, who will launch on October 19. This group will join groups in Hobart, Melbourne, Melbourne Hills, Sydney City and Sydney Northern Beaches building relationships with parliamentarians and the political will to end poverty.

RESULTS groups around the country have been doing an awesome job meeting with MPs to talk about Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. We’ve held 8 meetings, and have another 4 scheduled, with parliamentarians from 4 political parties and from 3 states.

Meeting attendees say they feel “like I’ve done something important” and “satisfied” after talking to their MP about issues they’re passionate about. Even if it’s nerve-wracking beforehand, it’s worth it after.

 Have you asked your MP for a meeting? 

RESULTS is here to help you feel confident, informed and equipped for these meetings – so why not write a letter to your MP and ask for one?

Our last Fact & Action Call on September 28 was one to remember. Associate Professor Fiona Russell spoke about her experiences of working in Vietnamese hospitals during outbreaks of measles and rubella. And communications expert Janet Maddock taught us all how to write better letters to the editor.

Our skills were put into practice immediately, with letters flooding the newspapers. Although we’ve only had 2 published since the call, I urge our grassroots advocates to keep trying – find a hook, tweak your letters, and don’t give up.

Finally – I’d like to invite you to join our grassroots trip to Canberra on November 24 and 25, where we will be meeting MPs and making a final push for a big pledge to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. These trips are an unbeatable way to develop your skills, confidence and friendships as an advocate. Keen? Email info@results.org.au