RESULTS Grassroots Advocacy in 1989 – still going strong!

RESULTS Intro Calls

Are you interested in joining RESULTS, but need a bit more information first? Are you keen to talk to others in your city who want to start a RESULTS group? Just curious? Then the RESULTS Intro Call is for you! Taking place on the second Wednesday of every month at 8:00pm AEST, the 30 minute call is an opportunity to share your motivation for wanting to make a difference, learn what RESULTS does and how you can get involved, and have your questions answered. All welcome – join the call by dialing the usual teleconference number for your city, then entering conference ID 707690#

Op-Ed Workshop

Our action for March will be to get op-eds published in newspapers. No idea what an op-ed is? No idea how to get one published? That’s OK – on the weekend of March 21 and 22 at 3:00pm AEDT we will be running two workshops on Op-Eds: What they are and how to get them published. The workshops will take place in Sydney (March 21) and Canberra (March 22) and you can join by telephone from anywhere in Australia. Please RSVP by emailing info@results.org.au

A Conversation with TB Survivor Louie Teng

Immediately after the Op-Ed Workshops, join a conversation with Louie Teng! In the lead up to World TB Day, TB survivor and patient advocate Louie Teng is visiting Australia from the Philippines. Louie lost her sight due to TB-meningitis and its treatment, and will be speaking at Parliament House about the need for better diagnostics, drugs and a vaccine to fight TB in our region. Our advocates are warmly invited to join a conversation with Louie Teng, Saturday March 21 (Sydney) or Sunday March 22 (Canberra) at 4:00pm AEDT, either in person or by phone from anywhere in Australia. RSVP essential – info@results.org.au

Fact & Action Call March 29 with special guest Peter Singer

We are very pleased to announce that our special guest speaker for our March 29 Fact & Action Call will be philosopher, ethicist and author of The Life You Can Save Peter Singer. It will undoubtedly be a fascinating, thought-provoking, inspiring and perhaps controversial conversation not to be missed. For all the details click here

New Groups

RESULTS groups will be starting this year in Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra – and we need your help! If you’re interested in helping us start the groups, joining them, or know someone who might want to get involved, please let us know! Email info@results.org.au

Writing Team

This year we are aiming high! We intend to have 70 letters to the editor published from RESULTS awesome advocates. Join our avalanche of writing to the media, ensuring more space and visibility for issues that really matter. We send out media alerts and provide guidance and support. The more the merrier and impactful. Find out more and join here.

Our Progress So Far…

This year we aim to have 70 letters to the editor published, hold 30 meetings with parliamentarians in their electorates, and have 4 articles or op-eds published by our grassroots. So far this year our awesome grassroots advocates have had 7 letters to the editor published, we have 9 grassroots advocates coming to Canberra for parliamentary meetings, we had 34 people on our last Fact & Action Call, and we have 1 electorate meeting scheduled with a parliamentarian and many others in progress. This time last year, we had 4 letters to the editor published, 1 grassroots advocate join us in Canberra for parliamentary meetings, 16 people attended the Fact & Action Call, and we had 0 electorate meetings scheduled.

Thank you to all group members, partners and leaders for your efforts to make 2015 such a big success so far!