Four highlights from Global Ideas Forum 2016
By Gina Olivieri

Gina was at the Global Ideas Forum in September on behalf of RESULTS Australia, read about her highlights from the event.

Professor Sharon Lewin

I’m sure the official description of Professor Lewin’s research is incredibly complex, but it boils down to this: she’s finding a cure for HIV. If that’s not the coolest job description you can have I don’t know what is. At #GIF16 Professor Lewin spoke about how we might end discrimination as well as diseases, something we at RESULTS care deeply about since TB and HIV thrive in environments of stigma, misinformation and discrimination. She also said “RESULTS do a great job raising the visibility of global health” and urged people to write to their MPs about the Global Fund, which was a pretty great endorsement!

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa

I’m fascinated by and slightly envious of anybody who can be an activist through their art. Sukhjit’s art is spoken-word poetry, and she is awesome at it. You may have seen Sukhjit on Australia’s Got Talent performing “I’m Fully Sikh” and her mesmerising performance at #GIF16 was an excellent reminder that there are myriad ways to have your voice heard and share your message. She also reminded us that, “before putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, take off your own shoes”.


James Hamblin

The Atlantic’s James Hamblin spoke about effective health journalism, and gave some tips on writing opinion pieces. Proud to say we’re all over it at RESULTS as evidenced by Ros’ op-ed in the Canberra Times the very next day – go team! He also spoke of the perils of monotonic thinking – often demonstrated in media articles debating whether “sugar is good or bad”, for example – something we often encounter in our work, where the prevailing narrative is that “aid is good” or “aid is bad” but rarely that it’s a complex mix of both.


All the passionate, committed everyday people who visited our stall

As partners in Global Ideas Forum 2016, RESULTS hosted a stall at the Global Fair, where delegates could learn more about what we do, take action by writing to Julie Bishop about the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (update: Australia pledged $220m) and sign up to join their local RESULTS group. Thanks to everyone who signed up and attended their first RESULTS meeting last weekend!

If you were not able to attend the Global Ideas Forum you can see Gina’s presentation on our YouTube Channel here