Elisha McMurray | Sunraysia Daily | 11 April 2017

For most of us in Australia, the biggest dilemma we will have to grapple with this Easter is how many chocolate eggs and hot cross buns we should eat.

Easter will be a time to be thankful for the positive experiences we share with our friends and family and the good quality of life we are lucky to live in Australia.

Yet, for half the world’s people, Easter will be like every other day, an event defined by hunger, struggle and misery.

With three billion people around the world still living in extreme poverty on less than $2.50 a day and children accounting for half of the world’s poor, it would be great if we in Australia re-evaluated our priorities this Easter.

Let’s ask whether cutting $220 million from the AusAid budget last year was immoral. Let’s recommit to the UN Millennium Declaration.

This Easter, let’s contribute our fair share towards achieving the first and fourth UN millennium development goals – eradicating extreme poverty and hunger and reducing child mortality.

Let’s enjoy a guilt-free time this Easter by reinvesting in AusAid.

Elisha McMurray,