RESULTS Australia is thrilled that global education advocates Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi have been awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.

Chief Executive Officer of RESULTS Maree Nutt heaped praise on both the champions for education, which is widely believed to be the most powerful weapon in the fight against poverty.

“Congratulations to both these inspiring advocates.  Their tireless work for education and child rights in the developing world deserves to be acknowledged and applauded,” Maree said.

Best known for his work against child slavery, Kailash Satyarthi is also the co-founder of the Global Campaign for Education. Girls’ education advocate, Malala Yousafzai, is a champion of the Global Partnership for Education – the only multilateral partnership devoted to getting all children into school for a quality education in the world’s poorest countries.

RESULTS is also a proud partner of  the Global Partnership for Education.

“Education is a powerful tool not just to achieve peace but also to forge a way out of poverty. Globally, 58 million children still do not go to school at all, and another 250 million leave school without even basic numeracy and literacy skills,” Ms Nutt said.

“The choice of Nobel Peace Prize laureates this year illustrates the importance of global education. And I’m pleased that our Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ms Julie Bishop, is a strong supporter of education,” she added.

However, RESULTS believes the Australian Government can and should do better in terms of investing in global education. The $140 million four-year pledge to the Global Partnership for Education in June fell well short of the amount expected and needed from Australia. A fully funded Global Partnership will support school costs for 29 million children in low-income countries.

“I hope that these awards inspire our Government to increase Australia’s support for the Global Partnership for Education. It is every child’s right to go to school and learn, regardless of where they happen to be born,” Ms Nutt, said.

This sentiment is echoed by Nobel laureate Malala, who said in June; Education is the right of every girl, every human being”.