Budgets are confusing documents. To help you navigate news about the aid budget a little better, we created this simple Report Card – below – with our asks and outcomes for the key issues we care about.For more perspectives and analysis on the 2017-18 Budget, check out these resources:

Get into action:

And think about how this news sits with you, how it fits or doesn’t fit with your personal values.

If you’re an active volunteer with RESULTS you’ll remember how we developed our stories of self, and learnt how to have meaningful one on one conversations about things that matter to us. So start talking about this Budget, and the ones that came before it, and what it means to you to have our aid program so drastically cut. Why does it bother you? What values of yours do these cuts violate? Perhaps the values you identified in your White Paper submission? What do you want others to do to help you stand up for those values?

This is a moment to mobilise those around us, to start or continue important conversations about Australia’s place in the world, and who we want our leaders to be when they are facing the world’s most urgent problems.

And remember, any action you take is more powerful when you tell us about it, so please report your action here.