ACTION CALL – Hands Off Our Charities Campaign

A thriving democracy needs many voices and a robust and vibrant public debate. We know Australians overwhelmingly (76%) support ALL charities having a public voice on issues. Millions of our citizens also choose to volunteer, becoming a member or donating to RESULTS and other civil society organisations to advocate for...

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Immunisation Coverage

In 2012, an estimated seven million children died before reaching their third birthday. Many of the biggest killers of children are vaccine preventable. RESULTS promotes action to reduce the toll from vaccine-preventable...

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Undernutrition is responsible for an astonishing 45% of all child deaths – over 3 million deaths – each year. Around one in four children have had their growth stunted. But the problem of hunger can be...

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Education Girls

RESULTS advocates for all children to have access to a quality education. Education is a human right and enables people to break out of the poverty cycle having a transformative impact on individuals, communities and...

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