Global TB Report shows TB World’s Biggest Infectious killer for fourth year running and most of the cases are on our doorstep


The WHO Global TB Report 2018 shows that TB remains the world’s top infectious killer and that 36 percent of people with TB are missed by health systems. Data from the report illustrates how global progress on TB remains stalled, highlighting the importance of raising TB as an important political...

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World TB Day Media Release 2018

Can you name the world’s leading infectious disease killer? What is the infectious disease that kills the most people? It also surpassed HIV & AIDS in 2016 by killing 1.7 million people and making 10.4 million people sick. “The answer is tuberculosis (TB) which surprises most people. TB is a disease most Australians don’t...

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Global Partnership for Education receives $2.3 billion for education – but falls short of $3.1 billion target

“While RESULTS welcomes a further contribution to GPE, Australia is becoming less generous with each replenishment.  This pledge is a far cry from Australia’s four- year pledge of $270 million in  2011 which then dropped to $140 million from 2014.  This new commitment also falls well short of the broad...

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