Calling for improvements in Indigenous education


Education is the most crucial factor in Indigenous Australians getting jobs and improving several social problems.

In spite of this, there is a big gap in Indigenous education outcomes when compared with non-Indigenous Australians.

In 2008, just 21% of Indigenous people aged 15-64 had completed Year 12, while the figure was 54% for non-Indigenous people.

We have identified two areas in particular that need increased focus and improvement- staff recruitment and community engagement in the formation of curriculum.

There are multiple ministers you can contact to push for commitments to improving these areas of Indigenous education. 

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Contact your local member, The Minister for Indigenous Affairs Jenny Macklin, The Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development Mark Arbib or The Minister for Indigenous Health Warren Snowden and ask them to make a commitment to Indigenous Education with a focus on staff recruitment and community engagement.


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The contact details for your local Members of Parliament  can be found here