Bull connection: Deborah Mailman and Maree Nutt thinking globally and using their influence to shape a better future. They are helping develop a blueprint for achieving a more sustainable and equitable world.

Cydonee Mardon | Illawarra Mercury | 2 October 2015

Two Bulli women, including a well-known Aussie actress, have been drawn together through their passion for the planet.

Sydney was one of only seventeen sites around the world hosting events to mark the launch of the Global Goals at the United Nations and the two Illawarra women led the way.

Actress Deborah Mailman now calls Bulli home. Born and bred resident Maree Nutt now heads national anti- poverty advocacy organisation RESULTS.

The two only discovered their Bulli connection after the event but were kindred spirits eager to mark this important occasion.

The seventeen Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals provide a blueprint for achieving a more just, sustainable and equitable world.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop led the Australian delegation to the UN. During the historic event all countries adopted the goals that aim to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and fix climate change by 2030.

“The cynics might say ending extreme poverty by 2030 is pie in the sky idealism,’’ Ms Nutt said.

‘’Yet much has already been achieved since world leaders signed onto the Millennium Goals in 2000 and the Global Goals aim to finish the job.’’

The number of people living in extreme poverty was halved by 2010 and the number of children dying every day from preventable diseases has dropped from 40,000 in 1990 to 16,000 today.
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“Some problems can seem insurmountable, but I do believe there is nothing we cannot achieve when we come together as global citizens,” said Mailman speaking at the event on Thursday on Sydney Harbour.

“Our children’s future should not bear the brunt of our complacency,” Mailman continued.

RESULTS is calling for the Australian government to endorse adopt and then resource the Sustainable Development Goals.

Deborah Mailman, 42, is television and film actress. She was the first Aboriginal actress to win the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

She is well known for her roles on the television series, The Secret Life of Us and Offspring and for her time on the ABC children’s television program Play School.