Australian Aid helped Duba beat TB.

Tuberculosis kills 1.3 million people every year. Five year old Duba from Papua New Guinea (pictured above with his mum) was nearly one of them. Thanks to Australian aid, he was treated and is healthy today.

If Australian Aid is cut in the May budget, we will be the least generous we’ve ever been.

In December 2014, Treasurer Joe Hockey announced $3.7 billion would be cut from Australian Aid over the next 3 years. This cut, along with $7.6 billion in cuts announced since September 2013, means Australia’s spending on programs that help remove the barriers of poverty and enable people to live lives of dignity will drop by $11 billion – the largest cuts in history.

We must remind our parliament that Australian Aid matters to us.

The good news is that although the Government has announced its intention to cut aid in the May budget, this decision is not set in stone. The bad news is that there is also nothing to stop the cuts from growing, and for the May budget to further slash Australian Aid.

There is still time for concerned citizens like you to have your voice heard. By voicing your concerns to your MP and sharing your vision for a world without poverty, you can encourage your MP to take action to reverse these cuts.

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