Australian aid, Australian values? Responding to the Federal Budget.

Last month we learned about relationships, and how to incorporate our story of self into a one on one conversation. This month we are responding to the latest round of aid cuts in the Federal Budget by writing to our MPs, and asking others to take action with us.

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Take Action Now

  • Write to your Federal Member of Parliament, responding to the Budget, and asking that they write to the Treasurer and Minister for Foreign Affairs on your behalf sharing your concerns and seeking answers to your questions.
  • Build on the relationships you built last month through one on one conversations; ask those people to join you in taking this action.

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The Four Cs of Getting a Commitment:

  • Connect – talk to them! Share stories.
  • Context – what has happened? Why does it matter? What do you want them to do? How is their action powerful and needed? Why is it urgent?
  • Commit – ask the question. Get a yes or no answer. What is it, exactly, you are asking them to do? When will they do it? Do they need help?
  • Catapult – if the commitment ask was met with enthusiasm, catapult the commitment. What is something they can do to make their action extra powerful?

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