Elisha McMurray | Canberra Times | 18 May 2017

While I recently waited in the supermarket queue my impatience grew as my stomach growled in hunger. I felt annoyed as I looked down at the food in my trolley, because I wanted to be at home cooking my dinner rather than waiting to be served.

As my stomach continued growling in hunger, I tried to stop myself feeling annoyed by thinking about the people suffering hunger pains in Africa.

With 20 million people currently facing a famine and starvation crisis in the countries Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria, the hungry, growling stomachs would be deafening across Eastern Africa at the moment.

The $303 million dollars Malcolm Turnbull heartlessly cut from the AusAid Budget last week could have gone a long way to preventing one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes from engulfing Africa.

Mr Turnbull, is there really anything left in the AusAid Budget to cut? Mr Turnbull, when will you recommit Australia to the UN Millennium Declaration?

Mr Turnbull, when will you ensure Australia contributes our fair share towards achieving the first UN Millennium Development Goal – eradicating extreme poverty and hunger?

Mr Turnbull, please don’t cut another $303 million from the AusAid budget.


Elisha McMurray 

Reservoir (VIC)