Our first ever Study Tour!

7 grassroots group members. 4 volunteer board members. 6 staff members. 2 days of training. 31 meetings. 2 articles in the paper so far here and here. 1 speech already delivered by a parliamentarian as a result. By the numbers, our first ever Study Tour was a huge success! Our fabulous team studied hard to memorise their laser talks, role played their hearts out, put on their sharpest clothes and took Parliament by storm! Participants said things like “I really feel like an advocate now” and “I feel really empowered” – which is exactly the outcome we were hoping for! Keep an eye out for further media about the trip, as well as more speeches, motions, and action from our political leaders. You can see photos from our trip on Facebook. Keen to be involved next time? Register your interest by emailing info@results.org.au  

Run like the wind, RESULTS!

After being inspired by the amazing success of our Sydney-based advocates in raising $6800 in the City2Surf (what?!) our Melbourne and Melbourne Hills counterparts have decided they can’t let the Sydneysiders have all the fun, and have entered The City2Sea. You can join the team, or donate online, by visiting the team’s EverydayHero page.

Major breakthroughs in our media work

For as long as I’ve been in RESULTS, there’s been an action that’s proven tricky for us – op eds. These opinion pieces were first tackled by our grassroots back in March, with no luck. But this month, we struck gold. First RESULTS Hobart volunteer Marita had this excellent piece published in The Mercury. Then I decided, “Well, if I’m going to ask my awesome grassroots volunteers to write op eds and pitch them to newspapers, then I’d better have a go myself!” The result of that snap decision was published in today’s West Australian. I have to tell you, it was exciting, nerve-wracking and terrifying, and today I’m a little spent. Writing the piece wasn’t hard. But gathering up all the courage I could muster to call the paper, write an enticing email to the editor, and have a awkward, “My voice is trembling far too much for you to think I’m credible” conversation with the opinion editor was worth it for the enormous rush on seeing a very simple email come back to me. “This is a nice piece and it’s timely…I’ll try to get it in tomorrow.” Oh. Wow. If you’ve never had a go at an op ed before, why not give it a shot?

What’s been inspiring me this month?

Our awesome grassroots inspiring parliamentarians left right and centre in Canberra, obvs. But besides that…Sam Daley Harris’ book Reclaiming Our Democracy is always super helpful and inspiring, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to make their voice heard as a citizen advocate. Seeing the hype building around the #GlobalGoals has been incredible – especially this video No Point Going Halfway. Gandhi. Just Gandhi generally, but particularly reading Eknath Easwaran’s Gandhi the Man. I love the story of Gandhi meeting with Jan Smuts, as delightfully re-told by Mark Reynolds from Citizens’ Climate Lobby and related to our work as advocates in this video (watch for about 4 minutes from 1:46).

What’s been inspiring you this month? I’d love to know! Email me at info@results.org.au

Have a great day,