Image: Malala Yousafzai’s incredible story has been inspiring me this month

By Gina Olivieri

$20k milestone reached

Recently, the fundraising efforts of our Melbourne Hills, Canberra and Adelaide groups pushed our grassroots fundraising total for the year over $20,000. Congratulations to Canberra and Adelaide for hosting their very first fundraising events! We’re not quite done yet though, with our Hobart group walking over 20km up kunanyi/Mount Wellington in the Point to Pinnacle to raise money for RESULTS. You can donate to their fundraising effort here.

Kudos to you!

On our October 2016 Fact & Action Call, our guest speaker Don Baxter from AFAO (and Board Member of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria) had this to say about your fantastic efforts in 2016:

“Thank you for the campaign you guys in RESULTS did in Australia which got the majority of parliamentarians across the parties to encourage the Australian government to increase its contribution to the Global Fund.  Everyone of us outside of RESULTS were just astounded and so happy and so pleased you’d all done that.”

Reclaiming Our Democracy book discussions

Founder of RESULTS and author of Reclaiming Our Democracy, Sam Daley-Harris, will be hosting two book discussions soon. You can join in on either November 16 or December 15 and learn what’s needed to build the political will to end poverty.

What’s been inspiring me lately?

I’m currently reading I am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot By The Taliban, and as you’d expect it is unreal. Malala’s courage and determination to speak up on behalf of herself and her peers who are kept out of school is astonishing. I’m also reading Richard Denniss’ Econobabble: How to Decode Political Spin and Economic Nonsense – a funny and very readable, if frustrating, account of the ways our political leaders use language to confuse, silence and disempower. This book is giving me some ideas for countering the negative, ill-informed and misleading sentiments often put forward as reasons why Australia gives so little aid. And finally, President Obama’s re-telling of a story from the 2008 campaign trail, Fired up! Ready to go! is well worth a watch.

What’s been inspiring you lately?