Our fellow RESULTS citizen advocates taking on Capitol Hill in Washington DC 

Inspiration and motivation at the RESULTS International Conference

Leila, Maree, Sarah and myself from the Australian RESULTS staff team were joined in Washington DC by volunteer Joyce from RESULTS Sydney City for the annual RESULTS International Conference. It’s always a mind-blowing event, with incredible speakers and lots of inspiring grassroots volunteers from across the US and indeed the whole world. This year over 30 countries were represented, and 600 delegates attended. Some highlights for me were:

  • Hearing the story of Global Fund advocate Loyce Maturu from Zimbabwe who spoke powerfully about her passion for ensuring fellow youth affected by HIV and TB can access treatment and support. Global Fund Executive Director Dr Mark Dybul also spoke powerfully about overcoming hatred and creating a world driven by love, where everyone can access the things they need to live healthy lives.
  • Reuniting with my friend Joe from Delaware, and his gorgeous teddy bear ‘Dab’. You can read about Dab the AIDS Bear Project and watch this powerful video about Dab’s origins.
  • Participating in my first ever congressional meetings with aides from both Republican and Democrat Senators, along with Cindy Levin and her brilliant daughters. Cindy writes a fantastic blog called Anti-Poverty Mom and shares her strategy for preparing for meetings with Members of Congress in this cute video – Congress Critters.
  • Dr Paul Farmer, founder of Partners in Health, speaking about his passion for equitable access to health. This video is a good summary of his ideas.
  • Hearing the stories of RESULTS US’ True Experts on Poverty, bravely sharing their own personal experiences of poverty in the US and their work to use their stories to create policy change. One extraordinary advocate, Tianna, testified at a Congressional Hearing on the War on Poverty, and you can watch it here.
  • Joining RESULTS UK and RESULTS Canada, who are also celebrating their 30th anniversaries this year, for a group rendition of The Beatles’ “With a little help from my friends” at the traditional Saturday-night karaoke session. Sadly, no photographic evidence seems to exist of the “Commonwealth Choir”, so you don’t get to hear our wonderful singing.

Take your marks, get set…run for RESULTS!

The City 2 Surf is on again, and we want you on Team RESULTS! Not in Sydney? You can join fun runs around the country and raise money for RESULTS. Our Brisbane team will be running the Bridge to Brisbane – what runs do you have happening nearby that you can join in with? It’s a great way to engage new people in your group, raise some funds, bond with your group members, and have a great time!

What’s been inspiring me lately?

Besides all the AMAZING speakers and participants at the International Conference, I was inspired by the sit-in at the US Capitol in support of gun control and was lucky to see leader and civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis in the flesh outside the Capitol minutes after it ended.

What’s been inspiring you lately?

With love,