Leila Stennett

Leila Leila is RESULTS’ Campaigns Director. She is also the Secretariat of the Australian TB Caucus.

Leila’s experience in the local and global NGO sector has covered policy writing, digital campaigns, community engagement, advocacy and lobbying for legislative change.

Leila has a Masters in International Law and International Relations, and traces her passion for the NGO sector to her volunteer work with displaced persons when she was a teenager.

Leila enjoys driving policy change through multifaceted approaches; in particular fostering dialogue with a diverse range of stakeholders. Her work has seen her regularly face to face with government ministers and advisers, CEOs and senior corporate executives, groups directly impacted by policy, and the clients on whose behalf she has advocated.

With experience in child rights, migration, community building, sustainable fishing, disaster relief and wildlife trade, Leila is looking forward to a new chapter working with the RESULTS and ACTION communities on the tuberculosis campaign area.

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