Gina Olivieri

A 2006 trip to Melbourne for the Make Poverty History concert sparked Gina’s interest in issues of poverty and innovative ways to tackle them. Gina spent four years volunteering with youth advocacy organisation The Oaktree Foundation in its HR and education teams while studying a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) in Western Australia. In this time Gina also did secretarial and publicity duties for her local chapter of Soroptimist International.

Trips to UNESCO’s Human Rights conference in Paris in 2008, a study tour to Sierra Leone in 2010, and a six month stint volunteering in South Africa have shaped Gina’s understanding of extreme poverty and its causes, symptoms, and possible solutions. Gina firmly believes that “where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live” and aims to bring about a just, sustainable and fulfilling world where everybody has access to the basics for a dignified life.

Gina began working on Grassroots Engagement for RESULTS in June 2013 and loves empowering individuals to use their citizenship and voice to make a real difference.

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