Alyssa Moynihan

alyssamoynihan1Alyssa is the Grassroots Engagement Associate at RESULTS International Australia. She holds the degree of a Bachelor and an Honours in Communications from the University of Technology, Sydney. She is currently in the final semester of a Master of Human Rights at the University of Sydney.

Alyssa is especially experienced in volunteer management and leadership, having lead groups of up to 150 Australian University students whilst on deployments in rural India. During this time, Alyssa furthered her experience in and appreciation for development strategy that is inclusive and empowering. This realisation has lead her to RESULTS due to the accountability and expertise of the multilateral bodies that RESULTS advocates for increased investments towards.

More recently, Alyssa has spent 6 months in Bangkok with the Asia-Pacific Regional Office of the United Nations Office of Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) in Programme Management. Whilst in this position, Alyssa promoted core-DRR principles at the centre of the post-2015 development agenda by engaging with key ministers, dignitaries, Inter-Governmental Organisations, and civil society groups representing all states across the Asia Pacific region. Organising DRR related activities, workshops, and conferences has highlighted the importance of civil society, and the imperative need to include the voices of citizens in important policy and funding decisions; despite this often being left to the wayside due to capacity constraints.


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