What is RESULTS?

RESULTS is a grassroots advocacy organisation aiming to to generate the public and political will to end poverty. Our Vision is a world without poverty.

We passionately believe in citizen action to bring about this change – getting inspired, educated and empowered to become effective change-makers. RESULTS Australia is part of a non-partisan, international network of advocates and there are thousands of us worldwide.

What does RESULTS do?

RESULTS volunteers are advocates who campaign for a more just world by generating the public and political will to end poverty.

We do this a number of ways including calling on our elected politicians to support policies that combat poverty, as well as speaking out in the media and in our communities.

What does RESULTS mean?

RESULTS is an acronym that captures the principles behind the work we do to end the worst aspects of poverty.

Responsibility for Ending Starvation Using Legislation Trimtab-ing* and Support

* Trimbtab-ing: A “Trim-Tab” is the small rudder on a ship that’s used to help the large rudder guide a boat’s direction. We see ourselves as that driving force that steers the discourse that builds the political will to effect change.

Why do we need RESULTS?

Each day over 17,000 children around the world die from preventable malnutrition and disease. 1.2 billion people still live in extreme poverty without access to basic resources, like education and health services, that could enable them to become self-sufficient.

RESULTS advocates programs that try to help alleviate this situation.

How long has RESULTS been around for?

Sam Daley-Harris, a US schoolteacher, founded RESULTS in 1980. He was inspired by statements from the US National Academy of Sciences calling for the political will to end hunger.

RESULTS was established in Australia in 1986.

What do we spend our money on?

RESULTS spends its money effectively and wisely to support our ongoing advocacy.

These funds support our Research & Advocacy team to prepare up-to-date information to support our volunteers’ advocacy. We  also support training of our volunteers to be well-informed and persuasive speakers on poverty issues.

Funds also support us to put on community events to raise public awareness on poverty issues.

What have we achieved?

In recent years the Australian Government has acted on a number of RESULTS campaigns including implementing new initiatives in global health, education and microfinance.

Have a look at our Impact page for more information on this.

How do I get involved with RESULTS?

There are many ways to participate in RESULTS depending on your interest level and the time you have available.

The most effective use of your time is to take a monthly Action. You can join as an individual or as part of a friendly RESULTS group.

I’ve heard foreign aid is largely ineffective. Why should we give away our money?

There are plenty of misconceptions and downright falsehoods being bandied about on the effectiveness of foreign aid. Have a read of the top five myths busted by Action AID Australia: Top Five Aid Myths Busted.

How does RESULTS look after my privacy?

RESULTS is committed to securing the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) and Australian Privacy Principles. More information in RESULTS’ Privacy Statement.

What is the ACFID Code of Conduct that RESULTS adheres to?

The ACFID Code of Conduct is a voluntary, self-regulatory sector code of good practice that aims to improve international development outcomes and increase stakeholder trust by enhancing transparency and accountability or signatory organisations. At the heart of the Code, is the strength of what unites all aid and development agencies- our shared values.

All signatory organisations are committed to:

  1. Sustainable, fair and equitable solutions that address the root causes and symptoms of poverty and disadvantage;
  2. Accountability to all their stakeholders for their performance and integrity;
  3. Building creative and trusting relationships with the communities in which they work:

i. Based on an understanding of their history and culture

ii. Giving priority to their interests

iii. Involving them to the maximum extent possible in the design, implementation and evaluation of projects and programs, encouraging self-reliance, and

iv. Valuing men and women, boys and girls in ways that respect the dignity, uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every person.

  1. Active learning, innovating and continuously improving their aid and development work;
  2. Honesty and transparency in all their dealings;
  3. Respecting, protecting and promoting internationally recognised human rights including civil and political, economic, social and cultural rights and with particular emphasis on gender equality, the protection of children, people with a disability and the rights of minorities and vulnerable and marginalised groups;
  4. Environmental sustainability in both their aid and development and domestic operations; and
  5. Strengthening civil society in Australia and the countries where they work.

For full details on the ACFID Code of Conduct, go to www.acfid.asn.au/code-of-conduct/code-of-conduct


How can I provide feedback?

As a signatory to the ACFID code of conduct RESULTS is committed to conducting its activities with integrity and accountability and in accordance with the high standards of the code. RESULTS welcomes feedback on our activities and campaigns and also enables you to lodge a complaint against the organisation if you wish. Click here to read our Complaints Policy & Procedure. These will be considered and addressed by us with a prompt response. For any feedback or a complaint about our activities please call the CEO on 1300 713 037 or click here to contact us. For additional information or lodge a complaint direct please visit the ACFID website at www.acfid.asn.au

Is your question not answered here? Please contact us and we’ll try to help.